Dachshund Questions

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Dachshund Questions

A Visitor asked the following question on 6/22/2005
We are currently thinking of moving and have found a beautiful house, however the next door neighbour has 2 dachshunds. Having visited the property three times, on each ocassion we have heard the dogs bark which is a big concern to us. Would someone please let us know what temperament these dogs have, this will help us make a decision whether to proceed with the move or not.

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6/26/05 Hi guys, All dogs bark (except basenji's-they sing/howl)...dachshunds or not. Before you buy ask the neighbors how long the dogs are outside daily/nightly and ask if they refrain them from barking? Can't hurt to ask. Good luck Rhonda
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7/7/05 My dachshunds bark. Most of the time they hear something or see something, like people walking the road, people come in the door. But it don't take long and they stop. Cars that pull up in the yard. If your not sure about the home because of the dog. Ask the homeowners next to them on the other side. They could help you and let you know about the dog. Well hope this helps Carrol Carrol
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