Dachshund Questions

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Dachshund Questions

A Visitor asked the following question on 6/4/2005
how old does your AKC registered male have to be in order to breed?

Date Reply Member
6/6/05 8 months Melody
Dawson Dawgs
6/10/05 Hi what do you mean by my male have to be in order?...cathi Cathi
Cj's Happytails
6/17/05 Typically he should be a 1 year old. My male studded a female about that age. They really aren't able to mount right until 1 . Laurie
Dedmon Dachshund
7/7/05 AKC guidelines in the handbook to stud a male is not under 7 months old or over 12 years old. The females must be 8 months old and not over 12 years old. If the male is stud out before 7 months or after 12 years of age they can not be register with AKC. This is stated in the AKC Policies & Guidelines for Registration Matters handbook. List under section 9 Overage/Underage Sires and Dams. I have a male dog that is 18 weeks old and he had no problem mounting my female. I had to stop him and he was just hanging with it out. So if they want it they will try. Carrol
Hotdog Dachshund Kennels
7/14/05 Old enough to have been evaluated by experienced breeder/judges to determine if the dog should be even be bred. There are enough dachshunds in rescue or living miserable lives in puppy mills/backyard breeding operations. Many of us who finish championships elect not to breed our champion males if they honestly cannot offer anything to the breed. With cooled/shipped semen and frozen semen technology so readily available, you can use any dog in the world these days...why breed to the dog down the street, just because he is also a dachshund? Improving the breed is crucial, otherwise, you're just contributing to the overpopulation problem and ruining the breed. FYI: an overage sire can absolutely be used if a semen analysis can be proved and signed statements from witnesses to the breeding are presented to AKC. There are litters born today produced from semen of top dachshunds of yesteryear frozen many years ago....certainly, AKC will accept these litters if the proper procedure is follow Kristin
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