Dachshund Questions

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Dachshund Questions

A Visitor asked the following question on 5/27/2005
I am interested in getting a dachshund, however, I've heard that it's difficult to house train them. Is this true? Or, is it possible to train them to be completely house broken? How often do they need to go outside to relieve themselves? Any suggestions and advice would be great! Thanks!

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6/10/05 Hi they are not hard to train it depends on the person training the dog. I had no problem training my dogs...I do have puppies...cathi 614-205-2379 Cathi
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6/17/05 Dachshund can be hard if you are not consistant or start them too early. 8 weeks old is the start time, if you buy a puppy earlier they may never house break completely. You really need to stick to one spot and be home 24 hours a day for a month. This is quite hard. You also should use a crate. Laurie
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