Dachshund Questions

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Dachshund Questions

A Visitor asked the following question on 5/10/2005
my one year old female chocolate miniature dachshund is very hyperactive. We thought that she would out grow that character. Until now, she is still hyperactive, she is too much friendly with other people, she jumps on people, she runs around the house. Its making me crazy. is that normal?

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5/19/05 I have been raising doxies for four years...I have bought hyper doxies only to sell them later...not wanting to breed because of that temperament...Doxies are supposed to be active but usually a little reserved with strangers...(a little is probably understated...LOL) Anyhoo, I would give her away or sell her...then check out temperament of parents before purchasing your next one...stating you dont want a hyper one...Blessings~k Kim
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6/18/05 You neglected to mention if this dog was a pup or not. If its a pup, its going to be active. As far as being friendly with people, thats a wonderful temperment to have and something many breeders out there are striving to achive. It sounds like you have a great pet. Sussie
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