Dachshund Questions

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Dachshund Questions

A Visitor asked the following question on 5/6/2005
I have a red dapple minature dachshund that is approaching a year old. I am interested in breeding her, but need to know what to look for in a good stud dachshund. I have a breeder with a black dapple. Since dapple is a recessive gene, does breeding dapple to dapple cause an increase risk to the puppies being born with certain genetic or health problems?

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5/9/05 Only very experienced breeders should attempt to bred dapple to dapple no matter what the color. The most common birth defect is what is called "youth eye" which is smaller eyes or at least one small eye. These pups can also be blind. I would not recommend this. I know a breeder that has been breeding only dachshunds for 15 yrs and still will not attempt the double dapples. Mel Melody
Dawson Dawgs
5/19/05 Dapple is not a recessive gene. It is dominant, therefore if you breed dapple to dapple you will always get double dapple puppies. I agree with the previous responce, there is a real increase in risk of puppies born with genetic defects including eye problems and deafness. I applaud you for asking and doing research about this before doing so. Responcible breeders dont know everything, but they attempt to do their homework. Here is a website with very good information about doxie genetics. You may have to read it several times and even ask more questions before you understand it all. http://www.lildachs.com/genetics.htm Kim
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11/21/05 Never breed a dapple to a dapple. Why take a chance on the health of future babies? This is WRONG! Judy
Judy Kays Dachshunds