Dachshund Questions

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Dachshund Questions

A Visitor asked the following question on 3/3/2005
What is the difference between CKC and AKC registered dachshunds?

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3/15/05 CKC is a registration for dogs in the USA. It covers all dogs without restrictins. AKC is a club that you'll need a sample of your males sperm, photos, and the bitches records before you can register them. Debbi
Corndog Kennels of Fort Worth
3/18/05 Wow, please check out the AKC ( American Kennel Club) web site before anything everything you need to know about pure breed dogs and the organization is there. This organization is the one that you see dog shows on Animal Planet of like Westminiser or Eukanuba. You do not need a sample of the dogs sperm to register it. What you do need is the parents of a puppy to have been registered with the A.K.C. to be eligable. Furthermore the A.K.C inforces strict rules and regulations to keep proper identification of each dog and they do DNA checks to make sure that bloodlines are keeped pure and true. The only time that a sire has to be DNA certified is when he has been used more than six times in it's lifetime. Let me just say this what is wrong with keeping good records and being able to identifiy your dogs bloodlines and know for sertain the dogs shown in it's pedigree are indeed it's relatives. Please educate yourself before assuming. There are a lot of diefferent registries out t Katja
3/21/05 It is beginning to be proven time and time again that AKC papers mean nothing. Especially since AKC has just admited that they have been accepting puppy mill registrations for a long time and now are wanting to promote using these commercial breeders as it will bring in more revenue for them (I have documented proof of this). I put up with AKC's "holier than thou" attitude for years. But after finding out about this making bedfellows with puppy mills, I checked out CKC. I prefer CKC. They act like they care. CKC had come up through the rank to become the second largest dog registry in America. Sussie
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10/27/05 I personally love dealing with CKC as a breeder. They are so nice and easy to work with. And like someone else said, AKC really doesn't mean anything any more. You have to know the breeder, cause there are some that will make up extra papers on one litter so they can pass off another litter with papers. Crystal
Crystal's Dachshund Crossing
11/21/05 I am a firm believer in AKC Pure bred dogs. I have found that sometimes you cannot get a pedigree on a CKC dog. I know because it happen to me. Now of course if you have had the dog for a while, then a pedigree will start to grow, but what about 6, 7, 8, generation back. I'm sure there are exceptions to this I am only speaking from my own experience. I want to know that I know that if I am spending good money for a pure bred then that is what I am getting. What kennel club should not have anything to do with the way a breeder treats you. All breeders should be respectful and ask questions and also answer your questions. AKC is more expensive, but then you pay for what you get, even if it is a puppy. Judy
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