Dachshund Questions

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Dachshund Questions

A Visitor asked the following question on 12/6/2012
My fiance got his doxie when the doxie was 6 years (people years) and he's now 12. The doxie goes potty in the house all the time, not just on the floor but on clothes and heaters as well. If we go somewhere and he doesn't get to go (even a 5 minute trip) he flips out and destroys the house. He bullies my cat (yeah i know dogs and cats dont mix but the bullying started about a month ago we've had her for 3)sits on her, jumps on her, and steals her food. What's even worse is that the other day the doxie tried to attack our neighbor. I'm not sure what to do and neither is my fiance...but we can't keep doing and putting up with his behavior. Does anyone know what we can do???

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