Dachshund Questions

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Dachshund Questions

A Visitor asked the following question on 2/14/2005
My husband and I would like to purchase a dachshund this summer. I've never owned a dog before. Can someone please advise on whether this is an appropriate breed for a first-time dog owner living in a townhouse? Are there any reputable breeders in the south Florida area?

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2/23/05 There are many good breeders in central florida Doxtail Kennels,JBD Kennels, Dachshunds-n-Doxies Be carefull about Doxie girls,drummondville kennels,and the one in panama city . You need to see how much you are going to spend,What color male/female What guarrantees you get ,If they get a micro chip,health certificate,parasite free. How they are raised,socialized and kept.Check teeth(overbite,underbite),tails(kinked or bent),and dew claws(removed or not)& Skin,hair. When purchasing a dachshund or any other puppy MAKE SURE YOU ARE COMFORTABLE WITH THE PERSON YOU ARE BUYING FROM(ask for refferances)Last thing make sure you can visit your puppy as often as you want(calling first) you are paying for him/her and see where they live daily Billy