Dachshund Questions

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Dachshund Questions

A Visitor asked the following question on 2/9/2005
We pick up our Dachshund(miniature)puppy this weekend. Due to a relationship with the breeder, we can buy two, which the breeder likes to see happen. Does the breed do better in pairs? Are there benefits/cons? Can two share a crate? Any advice appreciated.

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2/9/05 Two can share a crate up to a certain age, then is best to let them have there own crate to sleep in, if I was you I would start off with only one dachshund, give your self sometime with your first one before you make a decision to buy another, then after you get to know your breed of dog, then make that decision, they are very loveable, but with any animal it can work. Roxanne
3/21/05 I personaly prefer to have two. For some reason dachshunds need other dachshunds. When I first got Gunny, he buddied up with one of my smaller Border Collies and they played for hours. When I got Ruger, Gunny FLIPPED. They are insepparable. Like I tell people "Weiners need Weiners" Sussie
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