Dachshund Questions

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Dachshund Questions

A Visitor asked the following question on 2/4/2005
I am seriously concidering in getting a dachshund puppy in the next few weeks.Is their any difference in the male or femails temperment/ personality like some other breeds? What would you recomment? In the past I have always had large dogs, I now live in a condo so this small breed seems ideal. Thank you for any help.

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2/9/05 What I have found with having both males & females, is that a Fixed male can be the best for a pet, and long he has been fixed around 8 to 9 months of age. They are not as moody as some females can get. Plus you can usually pay less for them, and that a added Plus for buying a male. Roxanne
3/15/05 I tend to disagree. They can be very loving dogs (males) if you can keep them at home! My son has lost around three males (due to digging out and being hit by a car) he swears by his female dogs. They will never leave his side. Debbi
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3/21/05 Gunny is very bonded to me. He "picked" me. Ruger is independant. I rescued her from a puppy mill. Gunny is a male. Ruger is a female. This is what I have found (And also what other dachshund owners have told me). If you go to a litter and the one that crawls up and you and refuses to leave is the one to take. Male or female. Dosn't matter. Take the one that "picked" you and you will never have to worry about running off. I had medium to large dogs for years. I wasnt sure about getting a small dog. But my husband knew dachshunds (had them YEARS ago) and felt it would be a good choice (Gunny was a wedding anniversary present) Dachshunds are large dogs in a little dog body. If you could handle large dogs, you will like Dachshunds. Just remember that they tend to think they are bigger than any other animal out there. Sussie
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11/21/05 I love the males and honestly think they make the best pets. The trick with the male, you MUST have him neutered between 3-5 months of age. If you neuter later, then although they cannot reproduce the hormones and personality traits of a mature ( a miniature can reproduce at a very early age, est. 7 months)dachshund has been establish and they don't know they have been neutered. Judy
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