Dachshund Questions

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Dachshund Questions

A Visitor asked the following question on 2/1/2005
I'm not familiar with the shedding habits of isabella dachshund puppies. Recently I visited a breeder who showed me 6 isabella puppies. They were supposed to be smooth, but 3 of the puppies looked fuzzy at about 8 weeks old. Is this truly "puppy fuzz" and it will shed out to a smooth coat or should I be wary of the infamous "medium coated" dachshund? At least one of the grandparents was a long hair. Also, the breeder said isabella puppies will lose all their hair (as in go bald) before they get their adult coat. Is this true or does this have something to do with alopecia?

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3/15/05 I have never heard of a dog or puppy losing their hair. I do know however that when you mix long haired with short haired you come out with a softer coat on your pups. Hope this helps. Debbi
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11/21/05 No puppy izabella or blk/tan, etc should lose their coat. It sounds like the pups you are discribing probably are long hair with poor coats. Izabellas can have bad long hair coats in some lines. In some lines they also can be prone to skin dieases. Know your breeder before you purchase. Judy
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