Dachshund Questions

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Dachshund Questions

A Visitor asked the following question on 5/26/2008
have a litter of daschunds 4mos old.two of them really clash,the small male and the small female ,what do i do and is this uncommon?

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6/26/08 No it is not uncommon, but it could be harmful for one or the other. I had the exact same problem. The female was more aggrasive than the male and she was constantly instigating problems. I was told that she was trying to dominate the male and it would soon just go away. NOT SO! She never got over it and still tries to dominate all the males she comes close to. She would fight and when we pulled her away from her brother or any other male, she kept trying to get right back into the fighting. Of course I had to separate her from her brother. I put her with an older female that I knew would put her in her place without really hurting her. She never got past the problem and I have had her for 10 months. I am not sure I will be able to ever breed her because of her temperment. I really want more like her. smile. I really believe it from the breeding of two unsuitable parents. Thank you for contacting me. I don't think I helped you any. I know I tried everything. The vet did tell me to use Margaret
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