Dachshund Questions

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Dachshund Questions

A Visitor asked the following question on 4/3/2008
my long haired minature dauchund is pregnant with a jack russel.will she b ok.

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4/3/08 if the male was smaller or same size,maybe.she will deliver 56 to 64 days from the day of breeding,during this time stay with her to make sure she does o.k.at 50 days she will need an good worming.go ahead and put her on a great puppy food,i use science diet puppy small bites.when she starts getting big about the 6 th wk sqak the food in chicken broth,so she can eat more faster,and let her eat all she wants,we don't want her ribs and spine showing after delivery.remember the more days she carries the babies the bigger they will be.at about 50 days get an box with towels or blanket in it for her delivery and she will start nesting ,staying in the box a lot,otherwise she will pick a spot you will not like.some females deliver quickly(2 hours) and some take all night.when she is in labor ,she won't leave to get water.you might have to give her water by hand,but make sure she drinks.when ready to deliver she will start pushing,then there will be a bubble,this is the sack the baby is in.i jennifer
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