Dachshund Questions

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Dachshund Questions

A Visitor asked the following question on 1/8/2008
My female dachshund is 56 days pregnant. She is red and I bred her with a black and tan. This is my first time breeding. I know if varies but what color pups do you think she will produce. Does black and tan dominate red??

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1/9/08 Red dominates black and tan. John & Karen
Lambdawg's Mini Dachshunds of Alabama
1/9/08 To add, it doesn't mean you won't have b&t. It's a good idea to study genetics if you breed. I find it interesting. John & Karen
Lambdawg's Mini Dachshunds of Alabama
4/3/08 black and tan does dominate red,most likely have blk&t and a red with black hairs(dark red or sable)and a wildboar is possible if the colors mix and one color not being dominate.now if she has red for 2 or 3 generations,you could have an clear red pup.its best to bred a red to a red . jennifer
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