Dachshund Questions

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Dachshund Questions

A Visitor asked the following question on 12/2/2004
Do dapples, double dapples, or pie balds have vision problems or problems with their eyes? Is the condition something they are born with or degenerative?

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12/3/04 Check out this web site for double dapple information. http://www.dachshund.org/article_double_dapple.html Sherry
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12/6/04 My friend Jeanie has raised and showed Dapples and Doubles for 23 years. Its all in the genes. However I can say that the main problems this color has is deafness. And if the line produces one deaf pup, they should no longer be bred. She has never had one deaf one born or one with any vision problems. Mac Sussie
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1/2/05 The Pie bald is a pattern and carries no lethal genetics. I would not risk a possibility to have the lethal gene pop up just to have the White color. Buy a pie Bald and have the color and No chance of a lethal gene. Just my opinion! Jacqulyn
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