Dachshund Questions

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Dachshund Questions

A Visitor asked the following question on 9/21/2007
i have a black and silver dapple male and a chock female dapple who is pregnate i did not knoe hat you shouldnt breed two dapples now im worried what are the results??

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9/22/07 you will have double dapples. There is a high chance of puppies being blind or deaf or both. Occasions where puppies turn out ok, but more than likely they will have one or the other disability. You can only know, however, when eyes open and when puppy can fully hear at around 4-5 weeks. Sometimes you will know right away when they open their eyes at around 2 weeks. Eyes may not be fully developed or have a red tint to them. It is your decision what to do with puppies. Some breeders will have the puppies put to sleep if they are blind and deaf (which my opinion is the most humane thing to do) or if they are either one OR the other then they normally can live a happy life with a RESPONSIBLE owner. Hope this helps! Good LUCK (Maybe you'll be lucky and have all healthy puppies!!) Neelley
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