Dachshund Questions

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Dachshund Questions

A Visitor asked the following question on 9/14/2007
My dashound has an odor coming from her skin. Can I cure this. Does she need a special shampoo?

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10/25/07 A dachshund is a hound. Hounds have oily skins and have their own odor. If you give too many baths you can dry out the skin and cause problems. Sharon
Cornerstone Kennels;CK Minis
10/27/07 Are you able to describe the odor? I don't find dachshund odor displeasing. It could be coming from the ears. Ear mites and dirty ears can be quite smelly. Are her anal glands normal? My vet told me I could wash my dogs more than once a week with a mild shampoo if needed. I usually bathe once a month unless they are pregnant. I don't use any chemicals with them in that condition, so I bathe a lot to make sure fleas are under control I also bath the puppies on a very regular basis for possible flea control. None of my dogs have dry skin problems. I also put a drop of baby oil on my hands and rub it on their coats after. Hope this helps. Lambdawg John & Karen
Lambdawg's Mini Dachshunds of Alabama