Dachshund Questions

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Dachshund Questions

A Visitor asked the following question on 6/22/2007
Ok my doxie is a female smooth black and tan. My neighbor has a piebold male. they are the same are about the same age. we have wanted to breed, but i wanted to wait till she was around 2. I found out that she had demodectic(?) mange. sorry dont know how to spell it! so i told my husband that her pups could get this also, well once the vet gave me medicine and her hair grew back my husband decided that she was going to bred. someone gave her to us when she was about 9 weeks old and she was akc reg. he only agreed to let me keep her if we bred her. i agreed to breed her once then fix her, till she that mange. well her first heat at 10 and 1/2 months old my husband bred the two dogs. They were linked on june 1 of 2007. she now has started to lose the hair on her chest and at the bend on her front legs and chest. my vet will get on me about breeding her if i take her in. so my question is, could this be that mange back again? or could it be associated with being pregnant and just kinda like horomones? thank you so much

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6/26/07 Femals blow there coats when they are preganant and they will grow back. But it may depend upon how bad the mange was. A female is NEVER to be bred on her first heat. You should wait till her 2nd or even her 3rd one. A dog should NOT be bred till 1 year old because they are not mentaly stable to have puppies, let a lone take care of them. Because she was on the medication I would ask your vet the consequences of breeding her because it may affect the puppies. Sharon
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6/29/07 Mange is often hereditary. You will likely have puppies with it, too. All of those puppies and your bitch should be spayed and neutered (the puppies at an appropriate age). And you may have just mis-typed, but the pattern of the dog next door is *piebald*, not piebold. Dawn-Renée
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