Dachshund Questions

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Dachshund Questions

A Visitor asked the following question on 5/31/2007
I am thinking about getting a miniature short haired dachshund, but am wondering if this will be the right dog for us. I have heard they are hard to housebreak, stubborn, noisy, irritable, can never be trusted off-leash, prone to serious back problems, etc... I am also planning to get a large dog (full grown) in a few years. How do dachshunds typically do with a large dog entering their established family? When is the earliest I would be able to get him neutered? I really appreciate all responses. Thanks!

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5/31/07 First off,you need to go to a reputable breeder in order to get one. Dachshunds are no different than any other dog, they are also a hound. All dogs are hard to house train, especially the small ones, if the owner is not up to it. With a new puppy, it must be taken out at least every 20 min at the most to go potty out side. When you are doing this you must say "lets go potty","go potty" and "good potty". It is not the dog that is hard to train it is the owner. If you are worried about potty training too much then go with an older dog from a breeder that they have up for adoption.Dachshunds are no different than anyother dog. ALL dogs bark! They are not prone to back problems if they come from a reputable breeder and if you do not let them jump off high places and get overweight. Obesity is a main factor. ALl of my dogs get along with other dogs, including large dogs because they listen to me. You have to be the leader of the pack with all dogs.I have yet to have a problem with them wit Sharon
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