Dachshund Questions

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Dachshund Questions

A Visitor asked the following question on 5/11/2007
please could you tell me i have a 1yr old long haird female and a 7mth old male smooth can he have got to her and what would the pups come out like and is this ok she just had her first season and hes booked in to be done

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5/14/07 Here are honest answers to your questions eventhough you may not like them. A dog should not be bred until they have had their second heat cycle as they are not usually mature enough, mentally or physically, to handle the pregnancy or raising the pups. The male should not have been bred until he is one year of age. If you are lucky she might not have taken due to his immature sperm and sometimes a female will not take during their first heat cycle due to their uterus not being mature enough. My suggestion would have been to be responsible and kept them seperate during her heat cycle. As far as the pups, you will have some broken coat pups and some short hair. Broken coat means that some areas, the ears, will appear to be long hair but the body may not have the nice long hair look. I am sorry if this answer sounds rude but the problem with "home, hobby or backyard" breeders is just this. Research is not done properly until it is "too late". Please leave the breeding up to somebod Melody
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