Dachshund Questions

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Dachshund Questions

A Visitor asked the following question on 11/2/2004
I recently visited a breeder who has well cared for, healthy and happy dachshunds. However, she obviously likes breeding the "exotic" colors and I made the mistake of looking at and picking up a 6 month old female Isabella. The dog's nature was possibly the sweetest dachshund I've ever seen. (and I've owned many dachshunds). I'd never seen an Isabella before, so at least I walked away to think about it and read about it. Days later, I am reading over and over again that breeding Isabellas is somewhat irresponsible and that they have a tendency to have color mutant alopecia. Should I just try and get over my broken heart and never go back or should I let the dog's fabulous sweet personality win out over the fact that she may not always have pretty hair. Just how bad is this Skin problem and does anyone know the percentage of isabellas that get it? Can't any color of dachshund get that skin condition and is it THAT much worse in an Isabella? I know I am rationalizing a bit but I really fell in love with this little girl. Please advise.

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11/26/04 From what I have been able to find out, as Im a smooth standard breeder and have not incountered this, if the dog does not have problems with it now then they probably wont. Maybe my rescue dog thinking is taking over here, but if it was my dog I would keep it. Its not the dog's fault its like that and taking it back seems like "rejecting" it. Sussie
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