Dachshund Questions

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Dachshund Questions

A Visitor asked the following question on 4/21/2007
By accident she locked together with another male besides her intended stud.Will the pups have features/genetics from both dogs or can she only be impregnated by one male at a time?

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6/26/07 A female can be impregnated by both males. The puppies will be a cross from both males, and will not be registerable because she was not impregnated by one male. Sharon
Cornerstone Kennels;CK Minis
7/23/07 WHAT??? My #1 pet peeve is BAD INFORMATION!!! Some people who do not understand the basic principals of breeding - should not be breeding dogs!!! If your bitch (official term) "Tied" with two different sires, the puppies WILL NOT BE MIXED GENETICALLY!!! That is impossible!! If your bitch is AKC registered, as well as the sires, you can register the litter by submitting DNA from the two sires, the dam and all of the puppies to the AKC. They will tell you which puppy was sired by whom. For more information, check out "Multiple Sired Litters" on www.akc.org Rachelle
BadgerCreek Miniature Dachshunds, akc reg.