Dachshund Questions

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Dachshund Questions

A Visitor asked the following question on 3/30/2007
I have only visited this sight a few times personally, and found it only a week ago. I was just curious if anyone ever takes the time to THANKYOU for your insight and patience? I have read some of the questions being asked, and I cannot believe some of these people will be attempting any kind of breeding. Thank you to all of you for being honest and patient with those people, and for educating them that breeding is not for just anyone. You all answer the questions without demeaning the person asking it, no matter how silly the question was !! Keep up the GREAT work, I know its appreciated, and I just wanted to say Thanks!! It's nice to see a forum that keeps the dogs health and safety 1st and foremost, not to mention discouraging hobby breeding.

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4/1/07 To Whom ever, Thank You for acknowledging us. I feel that if we dont educate when questions arise that you are not helping the breeding world. Breeding is a never ending learning experience. If we can help by our experiences it is better than to "learn the hard way". The only dumb question is the one not asked. I think that it is rude to belittle somebody therefore I would hope that I would never do that as I do not and would not want someone to treat me in that way. As a nurse I do alot of teaching to patients maybe newly diagnosed with a disease or problem, treating them with an open mind and nonjudgemental. I find I do that with my customers and fellow breeders also. Again I would like to Thank You for the compliment directed to all helpful breeders. Melody
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4/2/07 Thank You for the compliment! It's not an easy thing to breed quaility dogs or to take into consideration all that could hinder a pregnant female or the costs. Thanks Again Billy