Dachshund Questions

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Dachshund Questions

A Visitor asked the following question on 3/29/2007
I have a 14 month old male registered with UAB, and he is a long haired red mini. I have shown him and his pictures to other breeders for their opinion, and no one can seem to pinpoint his color for sure. He has a chocolate nose, hazel eyes, black nails, and his coloring is very close to an Irish setter and solid. I would be more than happy to send pics if anyone feels they would like to add their opinion. He is absolutely beautiful and other breeders have shared that opinion with me as well. Nice conformation and a great dog. There is dapple in his pedigree, 3 and 4 generations back, but no dapples since. I am considering breeding him down the road to a blk/tan dapple, but will have DNA done first. Just wondering how common his coloring, eyes, nose is?

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3/31/07 Sound like he is a Dilute red, he would still be called a red, most black/tan will alway produce black/tan, no matter who they are breed with, most all reds will produce black/tan, unless it's a clear red, you can not see the dapple on reds most of the time, be careful not to breed him to another dapple if you think he is has the dapple gene. Eye color ( Green ) common in chocolate color. Roxanne