Dachshund Questions

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Dachshund Questions

A Visitor asked the following question on 3/17/2007
I was told that one reason he teething bites is because someone in the household (My dad) most likely was putting his hands in his face so Oscar thinks he's playing with him. Is that true? Can that happen? Another few questions I have, is we rarely let him go past the kitchen unless he is with us. I was wondering when he does go past the kitchen when he gets the chance without us knowing he always runs to my room and he lays on my bed then he sniffs around because when I first got him he always peed in my bedroom so I think he smells pee. I have him in a crate and I feel I did wrong because I know that they said he should only be in the crate when its "night night". But now the only time he is in the crate is when we arent around. I dont feel comfortable letting him run around in the backyard when we aren't there because I dont trust some of the people living in my neighborhood. When we are there we leave the back door open and I put a baby block going from the kitchen to the livingroom so he could go in and out of the house from the kitchen to the backyard. Is that ok? In the crate he has a litter box with dog pelets because he would always chew up the potty pads. But I dont think he likes going potty in the box anymore I think he'd rather go in the backyard. Housetraining if that back door is open he'll go in the backyard if not in the kitchen. I want to train him cause I want him to be able to sleep with me. And if he has to go to let me know that he does. Also when I want to take a nap I want him to do the same with me but he wants to play whats do I do? P.S Sorry this is alot but I want to get as much advice as I possible can. If you could be as helpful as you can be I would really appriciate it :) -Leslie

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3/26/07 Sound like he is still a puppy, he need sometime to chew on, he has baby teeth..give his a beef bone, puppy can not hold it for very long, as he gets some age on him he will do better, plus make sure you get him neutered, you do not wanting him lifting his leg on things in your house, yes he will like the back yard better,if you do not have a fenced yard, try putting up a small one if you can, in about one years time he should be able to hold it over night, and do not give any water close to bed time, do not use the crate but for his sleep and about one hour at a time, he will not be able to hold it, and once he starts doing it in his crate it will be hard to break him from it. When he pees in the wrong place, say no in a loud voice, and praise him when he pees in the right place...good luck to you.... Roxanne