Dachshund Questions

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Dachshund Questions

A Visitor asked the following question on 3/6/2007
what are some risks with piebal doubledapple's?

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3/9/07 Dear Sir: First and foremost there is not a piebald double dapple. The pup is either double dapple or piebald. A piebald is two seperate colors and white, ie black and tan and white. A double dapple is dapple and white. If you are interested in seeing the difference please email me and I can send you pics. The risks of double dapple usually include blindness, youth eyes or diminished eyes and deafness. I do not recall any risks with piebalds of this nature. If you have further questions please feel free to email me directly at travelnursemel@msn.com. Thank You, Melody Melody
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