Dachshund Questions

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Dachshund Questions

A Visitor asked the following question on 1/30/2007
I have a female dapple she is about 1-1/2old.I want to bred her as she is almost ready to go into heat.Is there anyone with a male that is interested?please e-mail me at ranman1971@yahoo.com

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2/10/07 CMOHearn Dachshunds Inc. / / 2007 Portland Or.97229 CMOHearn@aol.com Re: Breeding Contract This contract is to protect Both Parties when Breeding Dachshunds. • Both Breeders will provide proper Documentation, AKC Pedigree’s, with the payment of $550.00 to be paid to the Stud Breeder before breeding both dogs. If the Dam doesn’t take within one week after breeding then the Stud Breeder will allow another breeding when the Dam comes into heat again, or the Sire Breeder will refund the original payment of $550.00 dollars back to the Dam Breeder, possibly the stud has issues at that time. • Breeding condition: The Breeder who has the Stud will prepare the Breeding area to make sure it is sanitized before breeding the dogs. • Breeder and or Breeder’s will watch the Sire and Dam to make sure nothing goes wrong when in the Breeding area. • Both parties should supply a health guarantee and blood work to prevent (Brucecell Patrick
CMOHearn Dachshunds Inc.