Dachshund Questions

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Dachshund Questions

A Visitor asked the following question on 1/27/2007
Hi, I just got a seven week old red daschund female named nugget. I was curious as to some of the tricks you all have used to house break yours. In anyformation would help. thanks. Jennifer

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1/28/07 Hi Jennifer. A few rules of thumb that fit together, and that I always tell my new owners are these: 1. Show the dog why (s)he wants to potty outside versus why you want them to potty outside. (An example would be a "special" kind of play time when they go out.) 2. Always use positive reinforcement to train. I even do a small pep rally each time my puppies go outside; as puppies, this is the greatest thing since slice bread. 3. When they potty inside, I use a 4 step explanation process (similar to what I use on my toddler). A. Show them what they did wrong. B. Tell them what is wrong about it (going inside the house) C. Tell them how to correct it (going outside of the house) D. Show them how to correct it (If you have a yard, leave 1 pile of poop there for these times of reference. Otherwise, just take them outside and reemphasize that that is where they potty.) It's all about Show and Tell. ;) Another tip is while they are learning, try to take them back to the same area so that Tiffany
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