Dachshund Questions

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Dachshund Questions

A Visitor asked the following question on 12/8/2006
Where oh where can I find a standard black longhaired Dachund? Can't find anything on the great web - Had one as a child and I've wanted another for years since my first and only one passed away at a ver old age. Assistance would be most appreciated.

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2/13/07 I have a small standard long hair dachshund. He will be over 11 lbs, but not over 15. If interested email me back at lcdedmon@comcast.net . He is red brindle ( red and black) Laurie Laurie
Dedmon Dachshund
12/12/07 Standard dachshunds are 18-32 pounds. To find a standard longhair from a responsible, knowledgable breeder, go to the national dachshund club (Dachshund Club of America) http://www.dachshund-dca.org/ There are many responsible breeders of true standard longhairs out there, who have many years of experience in the breed. Kristin
responsible, experienced show breeder...call me for info