Dachshund Questions

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Dachshund Questions

A Visitor asked the following question on 9/9/2006
I bred my mini dapple wire hared with a smooth coat brown mini dashund. We got 5 very different looking puppies but one of them is WHITE. She is white with one patch of gray on the right side of her face(with a little brown mixed in) and a patch of gray on her back and tail. She has pink skin and her eyes are blue. The skin on her eyes are different on of them is pink and one is black. Her fur is very soft and medium to long in length. I could email a pic if anyone thinks they know about this. The rest of her is white very unique coloring, but im wonderering if this comes from the dapple or is there some other breed mixed in that I dont know???? Help!!

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9/11/06 This sounds like you have a Double Dapple , I have a resue that sounds like yours, she is my sweet angel. If you can send me a pic... I could see what you might have but it sounds like a Double Dapple. *Have you looked into the pedigree to see what is in there bloodline?* These babies are very cute but, they can have alot of health problems. That is why I have my Double Dapple , because nobody didn't want her.You need to be very careful about the breeding of these sweet things because it will most always hurt them in the long run....You should Never breed 2 Dapples... Bam's Dachshund Angels Betty
Bam's Dachshund Angels