Dachshund Questions

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Dachshund Questions

A Visitor asked the following question on 9/4/2006
My mini dashchund female is in heat (2nd day). When should the male be introduced? Is it ok to breed the mini female with a standard that is small in size?

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9/5/06 It concerns me that you are asking such questions and yet you are planning to breed a litter. My best advice would be to take some time to learn about breeding, reproduction, genetics, Dachshunds, etc. before even considering the possibility of bringing more puppies into this world. As a breeder, all of our breedings are planned months/years in advance with careful consideration to the dogs within our pedigree and the health, type, temperament of the dogs we are bringing together in our efforts to perserve the integrity of the Dachshund breed. To answer one of your questions, it would not be "ok" to breed a Miniature female with a Standard male. You are risking the health of your bitch by expecting her to carry puppies from a Standard/Mini breeding that are potentially larger then what her body can safely carry to term. Please for the sake of your bitch and this breed, do your research before you undertake breeding. Andria
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