Dachshund Questions

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Dachshund Questions

A Visitor asked the following question on 8/20/2006
We have an 8 month old pie bald dachsund with longer than ususal legs and a curled tail. Are these signs that she is not full blood dachsund?

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8/20/06 You would need to know the pedigree of your dog in order to know whether or not she is purebred. If she is AKC registered, the AKC would be able to provide you with her pedigree, as should your breeder. Andria
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8/28/06 These are signs that she is NOT from a breeder that breeds for type and conformation. She could be certainly be AKC registered but be of poor quality. Unfortunately, some breeders breed for color and color alone, because people think they want the "rare" colors and the commodity breeders are well aware of this. The pedigree is not going to matter to you...you have hopefully spayed her and are going to love her as the pet she is, and some rotten breeders do not tell the truth with their pedigrees anyway. The type of breeder that focuses on color before considerations of health, temperament, type, and conformation would not produce a dog worth breeding anyway. If you go to DCA, our national breed specialty show, you will see some outstanding piebalds from breeders that look at breed type and conformation, as well as screen for genetic health problems in this breed and proper temperament, before they breed dogs that have proved themselves in the show ring. This is why show breeders produ Kristin
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9/25/06 sounds like poor breeding.The piebalds tend to have problems. Lorrie