Dachshund Questions

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Dachshund Questions

A Visitor asked the following question on 7/29/2006
hello, i recently rescued 2 young doxies & they both have hair loss in some spots and extremely flaky skin (very dry) & they also itch some areas. The owner stated that she spoke with a vet who told her the dogs did not have mange but wasnt sure what it was. She had been giving them baths and shampooing then with Alo-Iodine (spelling) which is what the vet told her to do. I need to take them to the vet but i do not have the money at the moment so is there anyone who can help with what i can do? -JW

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7/30/06 Skin disease can be caused by such a myriad of disorders (from thyroid and adrenal diseases to mange to food allergies, etc.) that it would be impossible to diagnosis such a condition without the expertise of a veterinarian. Given finances are a consideration at this time, I would suggest trying to locate a teaching veterinary hospital in your area as most offer payment plans and some, even, sliding scales based on income. Best of luck Andria
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8/31/06 If both have hair loss, it is possible they may have ring worm, or at least something that is transmissable. I suggest Malaseb Shampoo. This is extremly effective for not only ring worm, but also several other maladies. Also, the food they were eating may have been terribly poor, leading to poor coat and skin. If the Malaseb does begin to show an improvment, remember that ring worm is a fungus, and spores are now wherever the dogs have been, which will make it very important to also remove it from living quarters or it will be back. Health Guard as a fogger will remove this problem. A high quality dog food will help if it is nutritional, but I would suggest Malaseb as treatment. It covers several possible causes. Luette
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