Dachshund Questions

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Dachshund Questions

A Visitor asked the following question on 7/22/2006
I just got a chocolate dashchund. Mother is dapple and father chocolate. What color should I stay with to breed or not to breed.

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7/24/06 *Please* read up on breeding a dapple before you breed. I have a double dapple that a got from someone and she is an angle , but she has alot of health problems because her mother and father both were dapples. There is alot on dachshund breeder sites you can read and is very good. I also have a dapple and she is fine...I breed her to a red and they all turned out dapple,but before I did I made sure there was no dapple in his pedigree. I hope this helps you some. Betty
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8/11/06 I would breed it to a chocolate dapple male. I have a chocolate dapple female that I breed to a solid chocolate. Their puppies are just gorgeous. I have a red dapple that I breed to my chocolate male, piebald, or black/tan. You should not breed dapple to dapple because this will cause birth defects. Remember that a true chocolate will have green eyes, brown nose, and foot pads. You would not want to breed away from your true chocolate genes I would not think. So, you must make sure that your are breeding to a chocolate or one that has chocolate in their bloodlines. Ra Vae
9/25/06 make sure you show the dog and do health testing on the dog.Know your genetics and reason for breeding and make sure its a healthy breeding from a known breeder for quality. Lorrie
11/21/06 If you got a chocolate dapple to breed your puppies would be gorgeous. You would get solids and dapples in your litters. Sometimes half and half. Please note that you do NOT breed dapple to dapple, it would cause birth defects. So breeding your solid to a chocolate dapple would be what I suggest. Ra Vae