Dachshund Questions

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Dachshund Questions

A Visitor asked the following question on 7/10/2006
Hi, I'm interested in an Isabella smooth male from a breeder, but I've been hearing all this horrible stuff about Isabellas being prone to awful skin diseases and having a shorter life span. Is this true? Should I go for a different pup?

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7/13/06 Go with a quality breeder, first and foremost, and make color secondary in your decision making process. You will own this family member for hopefully fifteen years, so go with a well bred puppy bred for the right reasons. To do otherwise will be penny-wise and pound-foolish over the course of the dog's lifespan. A quality breeder is involved with proving their breeding stock against others in conformation events, is knowledgable about genetic problems in their bloodlines, knows the pedigree inside and out, vet-checks puppies before they go to pet homes, requires a spay/neuter contract for pet puppies sold, takes back a dog at any time in its life no matter what, and does not keep more dogs than can properly be socialized and trained. Ask WHY the breeder has bred the litter in the first place...you will get some amazing answers in some cases, but the motivation should not be to simply churn out pet puppies. Kristin
N/A...no kennel...quality breeding program smooth standards