Dachshund Questions

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Dachshund Questions

A Visitor asked the following question on 6/20/2006
I'm pretty sure that she is because a few days after her first heat, my friend brought over her male mini and an oops happened (they knotted-lol)-so i've been looking at pics of some other mini's at the same stage of pregnancy as she is (7 weeks) and she seems so small in comparison. Aside from a sonogram is there any other way for me to know if she is pregnant and if the pregnancy is going well? Either way the pups will be pure bred, black and tan. I'm wondering what price range they go for.

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7/3/06 Your female should be due about 63 days from the day she was bred. By 41 days, you should be able to tell if she's pregnant by her stomach getting bigger. At about 50 days, you will know for sure. The only way you can tell besides looking at her, is feel in her groin area for lumps, or puppies. You should be able to see pups moving around too. Hope this helps some..... www.countrydachshundkennel.com Lisa
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