Dachshund Questions

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Dachshund Questions

A Visitor asked the following question on 6/5/2006
i just realized my little bit is preg, you can feel the babies, she has milk, i thought she was getting fat not preg because we have no male dogs and she is kept inside, she was left with family for a few days weeks ago, my question is we have no clue what breed or size the male is. we are worried that she will not be able to have the pups. what to do???? please help what will happen if the male was a large dog. she is maybe 6 lbs, super tiny....

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6/5/06 Go to the vet, get an exam and an xray, and prepare yourself for the high cost of a c-section (but better than losing your bitch). Then, spay her, so you don't have this nightmare next time she is in season. The chances of her having mammary tumors, etc. will be greatly reduced, and the chance of pyometra eliminated altogether,if she is spayed young in life. Unless she is a champion worthy of breeding, why is she intact anyway? Responsible breeders only sell pets on spay/neuter contracts. Kristin
N/A...no kennel...quality breeding program smooth standards