Dachshund Questions

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Dachshund Questions

A Visitor asked the following question on 5/11/2006
What would be the average cost of studding out my male? Ive been told that what you paid for him is a good start.

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5/15/06 Most finished champions do not necessarily have any calls from serious breeders that want to breed their bitches to them. It is all about bloodlines and what your male has to offer to the breed. Is your male a champion? Have you done any genetic screening and do you know what is behind the pedigree of your dog? Is there any IVDD, Cushing's, eye trouble, or epilepsy behind your male's pedigree? If you do not know, you should not breed your male. It is not ethical to breed "blindly," as this is why there are so many disabled dachshunds with serious medical problems in breed rescue. Are you willing to take responsibility for the offspring of your dog, if the bitch owner does not do the right thing? Can you take the time to make sure the bitch owner is selling puppies on spay/neuter contracts and otherwise complies with the DCA (Dachshund Club of America) Code of Ethics? Can you take the time to make sure that the bitch in question also fits the breed standard and has been evaluated by c Kristin
N/A...no kennel...quality breeding program smooth standards
5/23/06 I would say that the price of a puppy would be the cost of stud fee. Also, when you offer your stud for service, it would be wise to make sure the bitches you breed him to are in good health and have no contagious diseases, otherwise you may ruin your stud. In the future, he would not be worth breeding. Just be careful when breeding outside your kennel. Ra Vae