Dachshund Questions

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Dachshund Questions

A Visitor asked the following question on 4/18/2006
What would you get if you breed a dapple female to a Piebald male?

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4/21/06 You would end up messing up both patterns. Why mix two completely different patterns? So don't do it! Judy Judy
Judy Kays Dachshunds
5/3/06 I just got a litter out of my dapple male to my piebald female. She had 4 dapples and one solid. For breeding these pups would make dapple pies if bred to a dog that carries piebald. Some people say this is the safest way to make a double dapple. You get the looks without the problems!! If you do that I would definately register the dog as a double dapple. AKC says that to be a double dapple they must have %25 percent white on them. If not a double, then at least a dapple to be safe in the future! Katie Katherine
Lexis Doxies
5/23/06 The last reply was exactly what I would have told you. I have heard the safest way to get the double dapple effect is to breed a dapple to a piebald. If you breed a dapple to a dapple you may have birth defects. I plan to breed a dapple female to a piebald male in the fall. I have heard for it to be a piebald it must have 50% white showing. So, I would assume that is how you know if it is a piebald or double dapple--the amount of white that is showing. Ra Vae