Dachshund Questions

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Dachshund Questions

A Visitor asked the following question on 2/23/2006
We are looking for a mini dapple and I have been researching but am still confused. i have read where double dapple means the type of color and markings or that it is inbreeding. Please Explain

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3/2/06 A double dapple is the breeding between two dapples and it gets the dapple gene from both parents. It doesn't necessarily mean that they are inbred. Double dapples can have some serious health problems, so be very careful when purchasing one. SANDRA
Sandy's Dachshunds
3/6/06 Dapple is a pattern, not a color. Though with double dapples you do get white. Dapples can come in any color that solids come in. It has nothing to do with inbreeding. I would stay away from double dapples. Carine
3/17/06 I would have to agree with the person who says stay away from Double Dapples. It is not inbreeding however the lethal gene CAN be there and why would anyone want to chance it. There are a select few who have had success with breeding Doubles however they are show homes and still may have had their skeletons in their closets. We have had one breeding of Doubles and are saddened by what has come of it. It was not a conscious choice but a mistake during a dog show weekend. I would never advise doubles, Jacqulyn! Jacqulyn
Vom Daxi Haus LLC
5/23/06 I agree with everyone to the point of taking a chance on having some serious health problems and birth defects. If you breed a piebald to a dapple you get the same double dapple effect without the birth risks involved I have been told. Ra Vae