Dachshund Questions

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Dachshund Questions

A Visitor asked the following question on 1/28/2006
I have a male chocolate smooth coat and thinking of breeding with a dark red smooth coat. I know I would get a smooth coat. Just not sure about what colors. Can someone tell me the how the colors are in dominates. I haven't seen a chocolate before I got my baby 3 years ago. Is a chocolate a fluck or is it a chocolate mated to a chocolate? Thanks for any info.

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1/31/06 You should NEVER breed chocolates to reds, as you risk getting chocolate nosed reds, which is incorrect and not very attractive, IMO. For a good explanation of color dominance from a reputable, knowledgable breeder, go to http://www.12many.com/duchwood/colorpat.html Dawn-Renée
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5/23/06 One good rule to remember is the red will always be dominant to other colors. Chocolate/tan to chocolate is your best bet to get a chocolate. I breed a chocolate/tan smooth to a light red dapple and these are the colors I normally get--silver dapple (sometimes called black/tan dapple) which means they are black with silver, tan, and white spots, a light brown with black highlights. My puppies have been pretty! Ra Vae