Dachshund Questions

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Dachshund Questions

A Visitor asked the following question on 1/27/2006
I have a male cream SH dachshund turning 1 year old next month. I have heard that if you stud a male a couple of times, his attitude will change? Is this true? I don't want to stud him all the time, but I am trying to decide if I would like to get him neutered or stud him a couple of times.

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1/31/06 Yes it can. It really depends on the dog and how you manage him. Previously reliably housetrained males that have been bred often feel the need to "advertise" all over. More importantly, you need to think about why your male is worthy of being bred. Has he finished titles? Have you had a veterinary ophthalmologist check his eyes for hereditary diseases? Have you had an ortho vet check his knees (patellas) for luxation? Do you know most of the dogs in his 4-5 generation pedigree and their health issues? Recessive polygenetic diseases like disc disease or epilepsy do not have tests to determine affecteds or carriers. The only way you can "breed away" from these problems is to know your pedigrees and it's important to know the older dogs in the 4-5 generations and their other offspring. Dawn-Renée
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