Dachshund Questions

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Dachshund Questions

A Visitor asked the following question on 12/31/2005
Does anyone know where I can find a female mini to breed with my 2year old male? He is short hair red and I am not fussy for her. I love them all.

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1/2/06 You are sort of going about this backwards, but consider that a well-housetrained male, once he is used at stud, will likely feel the need to "advertise" all over the place, including inside your house. Also, please check out this link and consider what you are thinking about doing: http://www.geocities.com/bluegracepwd/virtualbreeding.html Dawn-Renée
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1/22/06 If you bought him as a PET, he is just that...a PET, and should NOT be used as a stud. If you seriously want to get into breeding, buy yourself a TOP QUALITY female, then take her to the best stud dog you can find. That's what is called "responsible breeding"! And before you do ANY breeding, check to be sure that the bloodlines of both are clear of genetic defects, have tests done, etc. Breeding is NOT to be taken lightly, and in most cases, responsible breeders DO NOT make money at it. We spend so much at the vet, on quality food and grooming products, etc., that we are lucky to break even. Especially because we also do NOT breed tons of puppies each year. I breed one litter of minis and one litter of standards each year. Here is what it cost me last year: 1. Standard litter - $400 to have the Vet do three Artificial inseminations. $150.00 for x-rays one week prior to delivery. Five puppies... so $280 for two shots each. $300 for health certificates. $15 to regis Eileen
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1/22/06 My mini litter basically cost the same...except that she had to have a c-section too, so you can add $700 in there for that and the needed spay. I was lucky that there are six pups, so four of them will be sold, but you can see that I will definitely NOT come out ahead on this one!!! And any time you breed minis, you need to figure on a c-section!!! Eileen
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