Dachshund Questions

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Dachshund Questions

A Visitor asked the following question on 11/11/2005
I bred my dach 10-21-05 it has been 3 weeks and she has been less active and vomited 5 days ago or so and has been picky about her food and shes drinking more. I was just wondering if these signs are normal and what other possibilities i would need to be prepared for. Also when will i be able to visually tell besides the swelling and nipples becoming full becuase i know that doesnt happen until later on about 5-7 weeks? How many pups are an average for the first mini litter? what are the odds on deaths to the pups or mother?

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11/13/05 Yes these are all signs. You will be able to see her belly get fat 1 month from breeding. Depending on how big she is and how big the male was she may have trouble delivering. The male is suppose to be smaller than the female. And you can never tell how many pups, my 15lb female only had 2 and my 7lb female had 5. Average is probaly 2-4 Crystal
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11/21/05 Usually at 3-4 weeks you can palate their stomachs gently and feel a baby about size of pecan. If it is a first time pregancy they sometimes don't show till 5-6 weeks along. Number of pups have alot to do with number their mom had. How many pups in litter the mom came out of. If you look at a women pregancy 9 months and then a dog pregancy 9 weeks, you can sometime judge what is going on in the development of puppies. Judy Burns Judy
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