Dachshund Questions

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Dachshund Questions

A Visitor asked the following question on 10/28/2005
I have a jack russell/chihuahua mix male dog and I am looking to buy my 6 year old daughter a mini dachshund. I wanted to know which type (longhaired or short haired) of dachshund has the better temperment and is it best to get a girl doxie since I have a boy dog already or is it best to have 2 boys in the same house?

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10/29/05 If your male is neutered it should be O.K. Also depending on his age, he could be already set his ways. I would say if your male is under 3 it would be o.k but definatly get a puppy so your male isn't intimadated. If you get a female, one will have to be fixed, you don't want to mix just to see what you get, that is wrong. Crystal
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12/4/05 I have always heard that long haired dachshunds have milder temperments. I think it depends mostly on the individual dog. I have 2 males in our home and they do not always get along so well.Again that depends on the individual dog. Neutering the male you have now would be advisable if you do decide on a male. To make your life easier, I would get a female dachshund and have your male neutered, and female spayed. Teresa
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