Dachshund Questions

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Dachshund Questions

A Visitor asked the following question on 9/7/2005
Can i breed my female 14lb with a male doxie about 9-10 lbs? Or should only standard size breed with the same? Will the puppies still be able to get their papers?

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9/9/05 Why would you want to do this anyway? Kristin
N/A...no kennel...quality breeding program smooth standards
9/14/05 Before you breed any dog, make sure both parents are of Good Conformation, do not breed just for color, I have seen too many Dachshund that should of never been bred, if you bred a 14 lbs female to 9 lbs male, your pups will come out any where from 9 to 14 lbs at full grown, the female will stay smaller and the males might go to 14 Lbs If both parents are AKC then yes you can paper your puppies. But please first go to the American Kennel Club website, and check out what they look for in a Dachshund, before you breed your, and if you do decide to breed your dachshund, read up on all the birthing material you can, because it not a easy thing to do, many puppies have died, because of not knowing what to do.Make sure you are home for the next 60 days after birth, because you will be a full time mom for this litter, it take lots of time to do it right. My best to you. Roxanne
10/2/05 basically you could get papers, but there is absolutely no reason to breed a standard with a mini. to be a responsible breeder you must try to keep quality dogs NOT EXPERIMENTS. Andrea
11/21/05 Why would you want to breed a minature and a standard? You will mess up size of both. Why reduce size of a standard and why increase size of a miniature. Judy
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