Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Questions

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Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Questions

A Visitor asked the following question on 1/13/2007
I bought a CKCS from a pet store (I know now that is a big no-no). Our pup, Cromwell, is almost seven months old. So, he was with the breeder and then the pet shop for the first 6 months of his life. Two questions: 1) is housetraining him (crate) possible? He will pee and/or poop if we leave him alone for even the shortest time (even after he's already done his business outside). I worry that he didn't learn anything in his formative months and we're too late. 2) He is very timid and afraid of everything. He doesn't seem friendly. Will he come out of that?

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2/23/07 How fortunate he found a way out of the pet store and into a real home! The Cavalier breed in particular does not like messy conditions. They can be trained even after a few months, although it might take alittle longer for him to get the hang of. I don't think he's past learning how to be crate trained. When crate training, be sure it's the right size for him. It's not supposed to be too big; it needs to be big enough he can stand up in freely and move forward about a foot in front of him and he can turn around in. He doesn't need to live in it permanently, but long enough he gets the idea. A puppy pad is also very good in training inside the crate or out. Put it in the crate with him so if he does need to use the bathroom, it's easy to clean up. If he happens to have an accident, use the pad to soak it up (the plastic backed pads are the best) and place it where you would want him to use the bathroom until he gets used to going outside. As far as being timid, if you Rose
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3/23/07 I am happy to hear you rescued this Cavalier. It is not too late to train any Cavalier at this age as they are very eager to please, very smart and like to keep clean. I would not put a puppy pee pad in the crate but place it on the floor by the door you want him to go outside. Once he gets used to using the pee pad then you can work on taking him outside. He should not go in his crate. Never use the crate as punishment. He will need the crate to go to when he is afraid as well as for naping, sleeping at night and whenever unattended. This is a little longer process but due to his age, this is what will work. You need to take him to the pad every half hour. When he does go praise him like crazy and give him a little treat. Nothing with too much fat as you NEVER want your Cavalier to be overweight. Especially a pet store purchased Cavalier as he probably will have MVD at an early age. You will have to be very carful not to be too firm with your teaching as he will start to r Dawn
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5/21/07 Reason 1001 to tell your friend NEVER buy from a pet store! Anyway feel free to check out my website at and click on the housebreaking hints link. Kennel traing is the best way by far. Hang in there! Heidi
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