Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Questions

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Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Questions

A Visitor asked the following question on 6/29/2006
Hi, I am looking for an appropriate breed of dog for my lifestyle: I live in a townhouse with a small private garden, as my neighbours will be in close proximity I need a dog that is easily trainable and above all she should not be noisy. She will be joining a mini dachshund, who is still 3 months old. (has not yet shown a tendency to bark) Both dogs will be going to social / training school. My house mate and I are in our early twenties and we do not have children, however our nieces and nephews who toddlers and children up to the age of 8 will visit occasionally. Both dogs will be walked once a day for about an hour. Would you recommend a Cavalier. Thanks Alison

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6/29/06 A Cavalier would likely do very well in the household that you describe. It is good that you aleady have another puppy. Cavaliers do better with companionship, especially if you are not there during the daytime. They adapt well and it sounds like you will be providing plently of exercise. As far as barking goes, if there is not another dog on either side that instigates barking, then your Cavalier probably will not bark very much at all, and if he/she does, they can be trained not to bark. They are not a yappy breed. Cavaliers thrive on human contact, so they will do well with your nieces and nephews. They are excellent with children. Keep in mind that Cavaliers do shed. When chosing a Cavalier do your research and only buy from a reputable breeder that has their Cavaliers heart and eye cleared by certified Specialists yearly. This will save you on Vet bills in the future. Good Luck! Dave & Jennifer
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7/7/06 Having a small garden area should not be a problem as long as you do walk your Cavalier. They love to explor the world but just as happy to be home. They are inside dogs. Having another pet will help with raising a well adjusted Cavalier. Cavaliers do not do well when left alone. It is not that they make noise, they just are better adjusted when not left alone for long periods of time. They love so deeply and crave the attention of the master. Cavaliers are not yappy dogs and do not easily startle. They are not the protectors of your castle as they would rather lick the visitors to death. It takes all breeds a while to "find" thier bark. Your other pup may be too young yet to tell if he/she is going to be a "yappy" dog. If he/she is, he/she may get the Cavalier yapping along. You will never find a breed you will like better than a Cavalier. I breed for temperment and health. Make sure you find a breeder that does the same. Dawn
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