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Cane Corso

Cane Corso Questions

A Visitor asked the following question on 12/29/2011
I had my females ears cropped at ten weeks. She is seven month now and they still will lay flat on her head when she becomes alert. I have had them taped numerous times. I have heard they may go up when her head matures. Is this so or should i keep trying to tape them?

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1/9/12 A friend of mine suggested the I use tampons in the ears and then taping them. They should stand after a week or so. However, I think weather or not they stand also depends on the cut, if its too short of a cut then they may never stand up. Our female is 3 years old and her ears never stood up. She has a number 3 cut, I believe. There are pictures on facebook, under Meera Yen. jimmy
1/16/12 If her ears are not standing and alert already at this point, they are not likely to go up on their own unless you correct them with some consistent taping to train them to the correct position. Ideally this would have been done at a much younger age, before they become too 'set' in their folded position. You will need to tape, and keep them taped consistently for long enough to re-train them to stand. You can find more informaiton on ear croping on our website at this link: Richard & Laura
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2/27/12 Another option is to use a cross stitch from ear to ear across the crown of the head. This works great! I have been using the same vet for 8 years to crop all of my dogs and pups ears. It is very effective. Kevin
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2/11/15 Ears should be cut to cane corso standards and massaged as a form of training them all of ours stand up and look great but remember you get what you pay for ! Jackie
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2/11/15 Tape them they should be up now maturity has nothing to do with it ! Jackie
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