Cane Corso Questions

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Cane Corso

Cane Corso Questions

A Visitor asked the following question on 11/12/2007
I have a 15 mo. old Corso he's 130 lbs & i'm concerned about his hips when he stands up after laying down he seems to wobble his back side when he walks, this is the first Corso ive owned & I was wondering if thats normal in this breed. Thanks for your help. Robert Klocki

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4/22/09 Have his hips X-rayed. Lara
Grizzly Mountain Cane Corso
7/9/10 You can have PennHip or OFA x-rays taken by your veterinarian, and submitted for scores to find out if he is suffering from his Dysplasia. It may just be a gangly growth stage he is in, but also may be dysplasia. or Laura & Richard About Time Cane Corso Richard & Laura
About Time Cane Corso Italiano